Voting Systems

ImageCast Ballot Marking Device (BMD)
The ImageCast BMD is a ballot marking device that allows a voter with disabilities to privately and independently vote on a paper ballot. Audio and tactile interfaces (ATI) allow voters with sight or dexterity challenges to complete their ballot. Voters can listen to the selections over headphones, or view an LCD screen with an image of their ballot that can be adjusted for size and contrast. A “Sip-N-Puff” or paddle device may also be used by voters with limited hand dexterity.

ImageCast Scanner
The ImageCast Scanner is a device which allows a voter to cast his or her ballot for tabulation. Once the ballot has been marked by the voter, it is inserted into the slot marked “Insert Ballot Here” with the red arrow and automatically read by the optical scanner. This tabulates the voter’s selections from the paper ballot. Unlike the ImageCast BMD, the ImageCast Scanner does not have a LCD screen or any other devices to allow the voting machine to mark the ballot for the voter.


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